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Protecting the environment is a major part of the Universal Gold business ethic. We take our environmental impact as very important. We have created a business that minimises the impact that the jewellery retail industry has on the environment and continue to work hard to reduce, reuse and recycle.


Some basics, it’s well known that gold mining is one of the dirtiest, most environmentally destructive industries in the world, for example it takes, for each 6 grams of gold, the processing of over 1000 KG’s of ore is necessary- which can be responsible for contaminating drinking water, destroying traditional livelihoods and displaces indigenous communities. Irresponsible mining harms the reputation of retailers and manufacturers of products that use gold the world over. We don’t have the power to change practises of major mining companies or force global policy change. However, we can change what we can control-


Instead of having ‘virgin’ gold mined, we recondition rings, assay them and pass the saving-both environmental and price, to the customer.


We save perfectly viable jewellery from being refined-the process of refining or melting require the burning of large amounts of fossil fuels like gas or the generating of electric in much greater quantities than it takes to recondition a ring. It also needs Nitric or Hydrochloric acid, which is heated to remove the gold from the other metals in the alloy. The acid cannot be recycled nor just be poured away. The fumes given off are very toxic to life and the environment generally.



  • We use only biodegradable cleaning solutions and instruments.
  • All detergents are environmentally safe, non-toxic and VOC free.
  • Our head office is powered by a Green Energy package.
  • We encourage the recycling of all packaging material.
  • ​We walk to post items and don’t use cars, whatever the weather, we walk!
  • We recycle 90% of waste-that which cannot be recycled is disposed of in biodegradable bags and is kept to a minimum, indeed, Universal Gold only generated 10 KG’s of waste that went to landfill in a 6 month period of 2017.
  • We use recycled cleaning cloths and compost it when it’s reached its end of use/life.
  • For every 500 sheets of recycled paper we use, we fund and plant two (native) trees here in South Wales.