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Titanium & Diamond Wedding Band Ring

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Here we have a vintage solid titanium diamond set wedding band.

The ring is set with two stones and is attractively decorated with two black lines going around he ring, central to the diamonds.

This ring CANNOT be resized as titanium is impossible to work with in that regards.

How do we know it's vintage I hear you ask? Well, the first titanium ring were noted in the film the Abyss. Titanium started appearing on the open market in approximately the 1990s. Since 2000, availability of titanium rings has become large-scale. Nevertheless, this ring has had the diamonds hand set, something that takes special tools and is done at manufacture. Also, the thickness of the band is a give away, todays bands are thin and feel low quality. This ring is a very very well made and is a testament to the original maker.

Engraved inside with 'TITANIUM DIA" which is another clue. It is very VERY hard to engrave this metal. Now lasers are used as its faster and the laser is working at around 20,000 degrees so cuts into the metal. To engrave this meant a laser could not have been used-so pre laser.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


The Titanium & Diamond Wedding Band Ring has a ivine and dazzling display! don't miss out on this wonderful ring, most of Universal Golds items are 100% unique.